Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Shegaon & Anand Sagar, Maharastra: Part 1

                                                  (Map of Maharashtra showing Shegaon)

Maharastra or Maha-Rastra (meaning A Huge Nation in it's own) is the second most populous state after Uttar Pradesh and third largest state by area in India. The capital of this huge state is Mumbai, the pulse of India. Maharashtra is a land whose sheer size and diversity will stun you. Enjoy her mountains that stretch out into the mists as far as the eye can see. Her innumerous forts that stand proud and strong. Her scores of temples, sculpted into and out of basalt rock.

Her diverse and colourful cultures, woven into one gigantic quilt. Her festivals that galvanise the sleepy thousands into fervent motion. And her miles of silver, white beaches, stretched taut and inviting over the entire coast.

Apart from it's huge cities, Maharashtra has some amazing rural places to visit. These places are situated in the interiors of the state, but well connected to the cities. The real gem of Maharashtra is in it's interior places. Shegaon is a town located in the Buldhana District of the state. Shegaon in my opinion is one of the most peaceful places in the country. Words can't describe the beauty of this place. The birth place of Gajanan Maharaj (A holy saint). Welcome to Shegaon 

Continued (Part 2)..

The Beginning....A Never Ending Journey...Welcome Friends to India

Well what to say about this wonderful nation. From North to South, West to East, you will find the most amazing places, whether it is the beauty of Dal Lake or the mesmerizing tides of Kanya Kumari, whether it is the amazing white sand of Kutch or the wonderful forests of Kanziranga, the diversity of this country is great. Different places to visit, whether the cold Shimla or the very hot Mahabalipuram, Sondesh of Kolkata or Dal Baati of Rajasthan, Urdu of Lucknow or Marathi of Latur...Come explore this country with me. I will give you the first hand details of all the wonderful places in this country. Places to visit, how to reach, things to look out for, stuff to eat, the hidden stuff, the complete history of the place. This blog is also for all the bohemian back packers like me, who wish to travel only with their back packs, who just want to run away from their lives. This blog is also for those who want to escape from their routine life. I will sometimes travel in the unreserved compartment, some times in the state transport buses, to touch the real India. Share the stories of real India..I promise all of you that you will never find a travel blog better than this, so travel travel, move move, and explore India with me...

                       "I Travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake.
                                               The great affair is to move."
                                                 Robert Louis Stevenson 

                                         So Pack your bags and run away.
I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move.

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